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But I know from my experience that the texture of old frozen rice cakes are not very good. used 4 jalapeno slices and it was great- thanks! And filling it is! Disclosure: My Korean Kitchen is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Join 20,000+ other Korean food lovers! will be making again soon! Hi there! Continue to simmer, stirring frequently, until rice cakes are soft but still chewy and sauce is thickened, about 6-8 minutes. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Can’t I use it anymore? A clean cut means overcooked, and rock solid means not cooked enough! Add 1 tbsp of oil (if needed), along with rice cakes. Thanks for stopping by! (Indian Cuisine). I’m sure the fresh ones taste much better?! Copyright © 2020 The Plant-Based Wok on the Brunch Pro Theme, Creamy Sweet Potato Noodles with Kale and Maple-Glazed Tempeh, Fresh Summer Rolls with Peanut Dipping Sauce, Vegan Mushroom Potstickers (Pan-Fried Dumplings). Place water, kombu, and dried shiitake mushrooms in a large saucepan and bring to a boil over medium heat. Oh I hope so!! If you want to eat Rabokki more spicier, then adjust the sauce ratio by reducing gochujang (Korean chilli paste) and increasing gochugaru (Korean chili flakes). One question, can I replace the dried anchovy with the anchovy powder? But there’s only pre-packaged frozen ones available at where I live. This Irish/English heritage 51 year old lived in Hawaii and Los Angeles for a few years, and happily first had Korean food in the 80s. Add more water during this process if you want a soupier base. Ready is this quick dish, which actually passes for a snack and street food. Add in tofu slices and tteokbokki pieces and continue stirring. Glad to hear all of you have enjoyed Rabbokki though you people are not getting used to eating spicy food. You must really like spicy food! I feel hungry, because Ryu and Matthias are not feeding me. Then made my own dashi stock. I meant eomuk(어묵) or odeng (오뎅). We are passionate foodbloggers and show the wide range of the japanese and korean kitchen to you. Thanks!! A good rule of thumb on how cooked is “cooked enough” is to take a knife and cut a cross section of a piece of rice cake. (OMG! The rice cakes are the tteokbokki – It is the Korean name for it. Unsubscribe at any time. Thanks! © 2006–2020 My Korean Kitchen, All Rights Reserved. Thanks so much for posting it. Tteokbokki is a very popular Korean street food that is often seen on the streets of Korea or in little hole in the wall restaurants near schools. Enjoy! Tteokbokki Ramen – Spicy Korean Rice Cake. We've added 'rabokki', which are ramen noodles. Mix well. As in “Oh My Ghost” or “Let’s Eat” to name but two of my favourite K-dramas, food always plays at least some—if not a major—part. (If you don’t mind these particles, you can skip sieving.) I made it in my beloved Instant Pot and only had one pot to clean! Your email address will not be published. A flavorful broth makes a big difference in this recipe as well. The rice cakes I used here were frozen and I bought them at a local Asian grocery store. 3 tablespoons gochujang (Korean red pepper paste), 2 tablespoons gochugaru (Korean red chile flakes), 1 tablespoon minced garlic (about 2 cloves), 3 cups tteok (Korean cylindrical rice cakes; about 1 pound 2 ounces), One 3-ounce package dried instant ramen noodles, flavor packet discarded, 1 1/2 cups Asian fishcakes, cut into 1-inch triangles, 2 hard-boiled eggs, peeled and halved lengthwise. Ohmigosh, I’ve been looking for this recipe everywhere. Bring back to … I am Sue, the creator behind My Korean Kitchen (since 2006). Garnish with the halved eggs and sesame seeds. Well, I don’t have the Garaeddeok recipe yet but you can certainly get them from Amazon! (0.5 ounces), head and black innards removed, I love hearing how you went with my recipes! amzn_assoc_tracking_id = "mkkbelowpost-20"; Hands up if you LOVE Korean food! I’m not certain about the quantity though as I haven’t tested it myself. I have an Asian store near me so will be visiting them to get the ingredients that I need for this dish. Yes, it was very sweet for me too. New York City, BEST OF VEGAN Your #1 Resource for Vegan Cooking, ABOUT | TERMS OF SERVICE | PRIVACY POLICY. I was in Korea last year and even at the airport they have really Korean food. recipe was great though! Add those delicious-looking pictures of well-prepared dishes and I’m almost ready to convert to vegetarianism myself. Hope this helps! I’ll try to impress my gf next time By the way, what Korean word do you mean by “fish cake”? All You Need To Know About Korean Instant Ramen Noodles. Drain and set aside. Made a double batch of this yesterday and it was phenomenal!! , Christina, I sometimes use prepackaged ones when I couldn’t get fresh rice cakes, they are OK but fresh rice cakes are always the best. Also some people add Korean ramen seasoning powder (which usually contains msg) in addition to the spicy sauce. Add chili flakes and stir until all veggies and cakes are evenly coated. Good info. But as you know me, I love adding extra ingredients when it comes to snacks! amzn_assoc_asins = "B00O0WI1ZA,B005OJUSZE,B0092K4C7G,B00778B90S"; The nutrition information shown is an estimate provided by an online nutrition calculator. Pour the broth into a wider pot, add the sauce and stir it well. Let me know how it goes , Your email address will not be published. Good luck! It was good but quite sweet at the same time. (180 g / 6.3 ounces), separated, if you use pre-packaged rice cakes, separate them first then soak in warm water for 10 minutes before you use them. I'm Sue, the author/cook/photographer behind My Korean Kitchen. Dont forget to follow us on Youtube. I absolutely LOVE Korean food and I’m always on the lookout for recipes for my insant pot so this is absolutely perfect. Can you please clarify? Here’s the trick with the rice cakes. Add the tteok and bring to a boil. It's free! I sure do, and I am so excited to be sharing this delicious recipe with you today. ), 2. 4.2  Thankyou so much! ★☆ ** If you want to learn more about Korean cooking ingredients, check my 30 essential Korean cooking ingredients list! My Korean Kitchen delivered to your email inbox. The lovely Korean waitress responded, “No, no, little white boy, will be too spicy.” We allayed her fears, spicy squid was served to him and he was very happy!

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