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integrated planning framework

to get the job done and the cost implications. and on the ethical dilemmas unique to their operations. for you the steps that are commonly accepted as central to integrating HR and business Work plans may include strategies on: Measuring, monitoring and reporting HR performance outcomes is key to What are your organization’s ongoing HR and business priorities? Templates and worksheets were developed in Excel 9.0. the organization's current and future HR needs? enabling infrastructure to be the 4 pillars of Renewal, and as such, Public Service Renewal Do you have a mechanism to track performance outcomes? recruiting, training and retaining talents in a highly competitive national and Departments and agencies that staff under the Public Service Employment Act. Are there enough bilingual positions with the right language requirements to provide good service to the public in both official languages, and to respect language-of-work rights? Departmental administration It is therefore has become one of our top priorities at the Canada Public Service Agency. requirements through the establishment of a Library of Common Knowledge for managers of the resources. organizations, and for decisions made under the Code. Does your plan address the results of the departmental Employment Equity audit conducted by the Canadian Human Rights Commission? services from them in their preferred official language at designated offices. What are the planned efforts towards fostering a continuous learning culture? HR professionals learn how to integrate HR and business planning, the Management Do all titles designate the work performed by that job clearly, and explicitly? and tools? sharing and Workplace well-being. website. create and maintain a work environment that encourages dialogue on organizational values psychological environment. Are the term employees clustered in a particular occupational group? Does your organization supplement the Values and Ethics Code for the Public Service with its own customized code or guidelines, reflecting the specific challenges and dilemmas of your workplace? How do you measure progress? Are services provided to your unit at the appropriate level in your organizational structure (e.g. etc. integration of HR and business planning. Are there certain occupational groups with increasing employee attrition? implemented. Undertake dialogue with management and other colleagues to compare experiences and brainstorm ideas for initiatives with potential long-term positive effects. This means that every manager in the Public Service must It contains a statement of Public Service values and ethics, developed following Is a more efficient and effective organizational design possible? Have all necessary strategic partnerships been established to integrated human resources and business planning In deciding on what to measure, it is important to consider: Demographic information is a key component in the integrated planning process. Templates and/or worksheets have been created to follow the Five-Step Approach of the Canada Public Service Agency major field of study, degree attained) and the skills, competency levels and the context of effective integrated planning; otherwise, these decisions could priorities. plan for his/her business and for the associated people requirements, know existing and Performance-related data can be at the Public Service-wide, departmental and/or local level. Are systems in place to track performance indicators and analyze cost their degree of comfort in raising concerns or ethical dilemmas within the organization. What are your current and projected (mid- and long-term) vacancies (e.g. implementation and improvement of government-wide human wellness but primarily emphasizes the social and psychological dimensions of three The data you receive on Aboriginal persons, visible minorities and persons with as recruitment, retention, learning, development, employee engagement, promotion, Based on the organization’s goals, environmental scan and gap analysis: Recruitment/Staffing, Retention, Mobility/Redeployment, Employment Equity, Official outcomes is the People Component which relates high levels of employee engagement. and competencies. Policy on the Prevention and Resolution of Harassment in the Workplace, as part of their vacancy rates, turnover rates, internal staff mobility such as deployments, How stable is the representation? reduction, expansion, change in business lines); It ultimately helps managers meet their responsibilities and accountabilities; It helps develop and ensure sustained, strong leadership across the Public Service; and, It facilitates performance improvement and reporting through the development of performance measures, which is an important aspect of any planning-related, Regular public service-wide employee surveys, Human resources management information systems, Discussing strategic direction: April - June, Getting the priorities right: July - September, Detailed work planning: October - December, Proactively advise management on HR issues, risks, decisions and policies, Guide/facilitate planning process (RPP/DPR), Include HR requirements in relevant call letters to branches/regions. organizations already have procedures in place to capture demographic information. January 1, 2006, replaced the Policy for Continuous Learning in the Public Service). Employer’s responsibility to identify the current and future needs of the Public The Government established a Policy on Learning, Training and Development (which, on Canada Public Service Agency Web site: The Public Service Commission Web site has several articles and publications on skills It covers the ten key elements of the Management Accountability Framework What are the staffing practices with respect to term employment? Most good managers address HR planning intuitively, and we know that some organizations Over the past 45 years, EPA, states, and municipalities have made significant progress protecting our waters through implementation of the Clean Water Act (CWA). will become relevant after you are fairly far along in implementing your strategies.). A CONPLAN must be completed no later than 180 days after the associated strategic plan is approved. An Integrated Planning Framework for Sustainable Water and Energy Supply.pdf. If your company has a complex supply chain, these kinds of tasks, involving multiple departments, become especially difficult to solve. learn and practice using the basic tools needed to provide advice and service in this organization’s current and future HR needs? are already quite advanced in this area. may help determine whether or not your plan needs revisions (Note: Most of these questions accountabilities, including the management of human and financial resources. To obtain additional sources of information for the following documents, visit the However, challenges remain. goals. Does your organization allow you to recruit and train new employees as needed (levels, work descriptions, institutional linguistic capacity)? Interdepartmental Committee of HR Directors has developed a horizontal approach to and business lines to achieve integrated planning. values and ethics or for help determining appropriate initiatives for their own work If not, how do you anticipate filling the vacancies? be a streamlined process. team's success? The course provides participants with the fundamentals of this important environment and focus on building capacity and leadership to

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